2019, April 12-14
4700 russian rubles
3 days & 3 nights
Los Puentes
Welcome to visit our picturesque Nizhny Novgorod City that is situated at the confluence of two big rivers Volga and Oka on the Tango marathon Los Puentes Vol.3 Cinema!
From 12 to 14 of April, 2017 our bridges will stretch across cities and countries uniting on the dance floor beautiful tangueros and tangueras.
Wonderful DJ team will not let you get bored and give energy boost during the whole marathon. In the nearest future we will represent each of them. Please monitor your announcements.
Our Marathon has a chamber format that is why the number of participants is limited — no more than 300 people. The balance between the leaders and followers from different cities and countries is also important for us!
Dear guests from foreign countries! We will be glad to help you with receipt of visa to Russia! To receive our visa not so difficult as it seems! Please do not hesitate to address us with any questions!!

Balance between the leaders and followers from different cities and countries
Hall is 400 of sq.m, professional sound and light, conditioners and ventilation, comfortable chill-out zone
Help with receipt
of visa to Russia
Schedule Los Puentes Tango Marathon Vol.3 Cinema
Voronezh, Russia
Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Dmitry Baklashov
Alexander Valchuk
Dimitar Dimitrov
Burgas ,Bulgaria
Dmitry Baklashov is DJ for milongas since 2010. However he began to play music for dancing in 1981 at the discos. The principles of DJing didn't change since then – it is the main thing that people are dancing but not bored and tired.

Dmitry likes and investigates Tango history. He is interested in the evolution of Dance and Music in each period from Old Guard till late years and finds the best things for milongas. Dmitry especially appreciates a beautiful melody and soulful vocal. The favorite Tango tool for him is - Piano, the favorite Orchestra is M.Calo.

Dmitry Baklashov likes to travel around Russia.

He played music on milongas on Oryol, Kursk, Lipetsk, Kharkiv, Sochi, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Krasnodar, Rostov on Don, Kostroma, Volgograd.

I am dancing since 2009.
I am DJing since 2013.
I am DJing regular on local milongas in Nizhny Novgorod.
Was DJ at diffferent marathons and festivals: Hola Amigos Marathon (Nizhny Novgorod) - August 2016, Verano Argentino Festival (Voronezh) - December 2016, Argentine Holidays Festival (St. Petersburg) - February 2017, Riga Tango Fiesta Festival (Riga) - May 2017 , Nevskaya Milonga Festival (St. Petersburg) - May 2017, Tango Weekend Tesoros de Kazan (Kazan) - October 2017, Tango Weekend with Los Totis (Yekaterinburg) - November 2017, Tango Weekend "Golden Tango" (Yaroslavl) - February 2018, the festival Riga Tango Fiesta (Riga) - May 2018.
I prefer the music of the golden age in the performance of traditional orchestras, as well as modern orchestras with powerful sound. At milongas I mainly put the music that I want to dance myself. I adhere to the principal: "Dancers vote with their feet."

The music is a part of my life. After thirteen years work at the State Opera Burgas and my long standing contact with the classical music, I decided to familiarize myself with the classical compositions in the Argentine Tango. At first I discovered the music, then the dance came. I like the styles of the Old Bands and the styles from the Golden Age of the Argentine Tango. I combine these styles with the compositions from the later periods. I think they all have their place at the milongas. The thing that inspires me are the dancing people.
My work experience as a TJ is long, last year it was:

TDJ «Los Puentes Tango marathon 2018» (Nizhny Novgorod Russia)
TDJ «Milonga B2» (Moscow Russia)
TDJ «Happy Birthday Tango Aficionado !with Diego Mastrangelo» (Plovdiv Bulgaria)
TDJ «Sofia Tango Festival» (Sofia Bulgaria)
TDJ «Black Sea Tango Fiesta» (Burgas Bulgaria)
TDJ «Tango Dream Varna Festival» ( Varna Bulgaria)
TDJ «Sofia Tango Weekend with Gianpiero Galdi & Lorena Tarantino» (Sofia Bulgaria)
TDJ «Festival Tango Megatrip & Spa to Greece 2» (Paralía, Pieria, Greece)

Sergey Artamonov
Vladimir, Russia
I started DJing not so long ago, since 2016, when tango has firmly taken part of my life. I have falled in love tango as a dance and after thet I discovered the depth of music. It became interesting for me to try myself as a DJ. Tango is very multifaceted and can accompany any moments of life, both joyful and sad.

I love and put the classics of the Golden Age. Favorite orchestra is Lucio Demare. Tango music pleases with fine arrangements and a high quality game of orchestras almost already whole century and takes the worthy place near Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky's immortal works, I think.

On milongas I am attracted by the atmosphere always. I consider that the main task of the DJ - creation of mood to the people who have come to milonga that music called to dance but not to show the musical erudition.

Kostroma, Russia
Limassol, Cyprus
Kiev, Ukraine
Evgeny Zimin
George Samaha & Leyla Remolina
Vladimir Tarasov
Moscow, Russia
Each DJ seeks to create an atmosphere that inspires the dancers to go out to the dance floor, so that they can express the music and enjoy the dance. Music should encourage people to want and go dancing. When I put on music, I exchange emotions with the whole hall. The hall is the most demanding but at the same time responsive partnerlady. If you know how to hear and know how to lead, then it turns out to create a general atmosphere in the milonga. This is a magical feeling!

Favorite orchestra - Miguel Calo.

DJ at various events in Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Nizhny Novgorod.

George grew up in an entertainment environment, since he was a kid had showed interest for music and dancing. His first Tango steps began in November 2006. Few months later he was already addicted and started collecting a huge library of Argentinean tango music. His addiction went in parallel; dancing and collecting music till he started to DJ in 2010. He is the resident DJ of the Limassol Milonga Remolina and a favorite of all the Cyprus Tango community. George has participated in all International tango events in Cyprus, in all 5 editions of the Cyprus Tango Meeting in Protaras, and 5 editions of the Cyprus Tango Camp in Kyrenia and all 3 Souvlaki tango marathon Limassol. He is frequently invited by other milongas on the island. He DJed at the 8th Athens Tango Marathon, Beirut Libertango weekend, Krakow Tango marathon 2018, and had the opportunity to DJ at local milongas in Buenos Aires during his recent visit in January 2017.

Leyla started to Dj in a small milonga that she organized in Limassol, Cyprus in 2005. Since then she saw it growing and her knowledge of tango music grew with it. Being a dancer herself, and as a host of a regular milonga for the last 8 years she knows how important is the quality of the music. When choosing tandas she follows the basic rules of mixing and try to satisfy all the needs of the dancers, but she also connects with the dance floor and view is as a living organism. Beside the huge experience of DJ in local mlongas of Cyprus, she also DJed everywhere she was travelling to, in milongas of Tbilisi, Ankara, Thessaloniki, Barcelona, and even in Buenos Aires.

I like to feel the influence of music on the mood of dancing couples; It's so great when people leave milonga with a smile after. The professional sound engineer experience helps me concentrate on the creative side of dj'ing and the mood of the hall on milongas. I love to play rhythmic music in order to involve tangeros from the farthest tables and get them to the dance floor. And I pay special attention to the cortinas. I select them in such a way that they smoothly complement the tanda or prepare for the next. After all, each tanda is a small story with its obsession, culmination and finale.
I am TDJ since 2014. Was DJing on the following events: Tango Remolino DJ Festival, Minsk Tango Fusion, Moldavian Autumn Dances Tango Marathon, Tesoromio Tango Weekend, El Huracan Tango Marathon, Tango d'Amore Festival, En el Compas Tango Weekend Cherkasy, Milongato tango festival, Night and Day tango marathon, Kaleidoscope tango marathon, Odessa & İstanbul Black Sea İnternational Tango Weekend etc.

My first "tango set" was in Poland, Krakow city. It is an old and beautiful city with special atmosphere. Therefore the tango atmosphere for which it was necessary to play was also different from the Moscow one on which I "have grown up". This "listening" exactly and conversations of experienced people, what is bad and good, they formed a rather narrow vision of tango music. And such feature very strongly prevented me to play in Krakow where people in a different way approach the choice to music.

But this "threshold" has allowed me to look in a different way at a dance floor and a milonga in general, and has given breakthrough to growth.
Probably DJing at the KrakusAires festival where there were various organizers who began invite me became a starting point for tango DJing from local milongas for me. In a short time I managed to attend as a DJ at festivals, marathons and weekends in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Russia.

Now I have a clear position: music is for dancers. It should be "in place", coincide with the general mood, and also, maintain the atmosphere, complement it and develop it. So one of the most important things is to establish contact with the dancers in order to create, change the atmosphere, dynamics, mood. And it maintains this "fire".

I have no favorite melodies or orchestras, there are orchestras which it is pleasant, but to tell that this is better than others, I can't. My opinion that for each tango there is a place, success of good tanda, it not only under what, but also with whom, where and how. So I wish all that all these three factors have developed in the best way on all milongas. Yes, there will also arrive with you force) your Vladimir.

Registration and price

Our Marathon starts on Friday, April 13th and finishes in Sunday evening the 15th

The price includes:
2 day and 3 night milongas, as well as water, tea, different snacks during the marathon.
The registration is available:
single and in couple
We seek to make our marathon the most balanced, interesting and comfortable for you, and we will be glad if you take care of registration with the partner suitable you on level.
registration for separate milongas isn't provided. Sale of tickets on an entrance isn't carried out
russian rubles

The participant who is registered in couple should himself fill in the questionnaire, and should insert the first and last name of the partner in the corresponding column.
After reg

We will send you an answer to your e-mail notified in the questionnaire.

of participation in a marathon will be send you after payment immediately. In case of registration in couple the confirmation goes after payment from both participants.

In case of refusal of participation the cost of payment doesn't return.
You can find to yourself equivalent replacement and recommend us this person. You have send a first and last name to mail of organizers, and we, in turn, will try to find for you replacement in case of contingencies. Participation in a marathon can't be independently transferred to other person without coordination with organizers.
Please fill in the questionnaire.
We will send you an application confirmation.
Your name and surname
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About marathon location
Impressive building of Nizhny Novgorod Fair in style of ancient Russian architecture decorates historic area of the City since 1890. The Main House of Nizhny Novgorod Fair is an architectural monument and unique historical sightseeing of the City. Its heart – the Armorial hall has been receiving guests of the highest level. The spacious, most beautiful hall of construction of the 19th eyelid will open the doors for participants of Los Puentes marathon! Important architectural part of the Armorial hall is the foyer with remarkable view from balcony on the Fair square opens. Fair Complex also includes: Fair Bank, Yarmarochnaya Hotel, Mercury restaurant, cafes and Trading House Passazh. This company is included into the five largest exhibition centers in Russia.

About the hall
Beautiful dance hall with an area of 400 sq. M. Natural parquet floor. Good conditioning. Panoramic balconies overlooking the city.

Orga team

Tang-school Te Amo:

Alexander Valchuck
Тел. +7 (920) 003 9595

Anna Repina
Тел. +7 (920) 047 4706

Alexander Kraev
Тел.+7 (929) 048 7450

Ekaterina Anichina
+7 (960) 171 0584

Orga team

Tang-school Te Amo:

Alexander Valchuck
Тел. +7 (920) 003 9595

Anna Repina
Тел. +7 (920) 047 4706

Alexander Kraev
Тел.+7 (929) 048 7450

Ekaterina Anichina
+7 (960) 171 0584

До Нижнего Новгорода легко добраться: летают самолеты из главных московских аэропортов (ежедневно), а также из петербургского «Пулково»; регулярное железнодорожное сообщение со всей Россией.

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City Sights
Чего только не найдет любознательный гость в Нижнем Новгороде: город просто изобилует достопримечательностями. Старинные улочки, набережные, церкви, ландшафтные парки, стрелка Оки и Волги — и каждое место стоит того, чтобы посетить.

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Hotels, cafe, shopping
Куда пойти перекусить, отдохнуть, запастись — все нужное неподалеку от места проведения марафона.
Куда обратиться за помощью: аптеки и отделения полиции.

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